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To pursue a career doing what you truly love?

To stay home with your kiddos, pup, or partner?

To live a purpose-filled life?

To travel when you want, where you want?

WHY did you finally decide to break free of the 9-5 'norm' to jump into the unknown of running your own business?

You didn’t start your business so it could run your life.

You did it to experience more freedom, feel good about what you do and who you help, and be in control of your schedule (mid-week trips to clear your mind, anyone?).

It’s tough to find a kickass group of friends who know what you’re going through (another client asked for work outside of scope?!), and also run their business online to support you, hold you accountable, and help you grow… as a person and a professional.

Life as an online business owner can be incredibly isolating.
What you didn’t know when you started? 
Learn how to stand out online as an expert in your field

Connect face to face with members during live trainings 

Feel confident in crafting your programs, offers & services 

Have support (and move with ease) through the tricky things like raising your prices, dealing with contract issues & launching

You don’t have to do this alone!

What if you could...

But guess what?

"Throughout my 6 months of membership, I’ve transformed my social media (thanks to SSI’s accountability system), revamped my pitch deck, tackled many mindset hurdles, launched a 3-day course, made more friends than I can count, and officially made the transition to working for myself full-time."
-Kristy black | Kristy black creative

You need a safe, warm, encouraging, fun, and supportive space to grow. 

Whether you’re scaling your business from a 1-woman show to an agency or transforming from who you are now into next-level you… the Social Support Incubator (SSI)  is the online community you’ve been dreaming of.

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AKA Traveller By Trade

Red wine drinking, tea & travel & tiny house obsessed digital junkie here to help you build an online presence for your biz, so you can take it around the world with you, wherever you may go.

Nature-lover, Capricorn, and master copywriter who ditched the 9-5 to create a life of freedom and is committed to helping freelancers like you across the world do the same.


Meet Your Hosts
"As digital nomads and remote workers ourselves, we have the knowledge of building successful online businesses and understand how isolating it can be in the process."

When COVID took coffee shops and
co-working spaces out of the equation we felt an added sting of isolation. 


Join a free Facebook Group with thousands of unengaged members
Spend thousands of dollars each month to be part of a tight-knit mastermind community. 

We thought, “Why can’t we find a high-value, low-ticket community for freelancers and digital nomads who want to connect with each other and build businesses they’re proud of instead of being sidetracked by what they ‘should’ do?” 

Because it didn’t exist.  So… WE CREATED IT.

With one host in Australia, the other in the US, and members on 3 different continents (and counting) we truly are a global community. 

Now, we’re here to encourage freelancers and digital nomads like you to chase your dreams, change your mindset, rediscover yourself, ignite your passions, go after those scary goals, and create a life you’re proud to live… whether that leads you to the top of a mountain in a fancy mansion or the middle of the woods in your converted van.

We have one mission:
To provide a safe, nurturing, and fun environment for our members to shine personally and professionally.

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We know first hand the challenges of starting your own online business, so who better to turn to for support! Are you ready to step into your CEO shoes and get the support you and your business need?

Ready to join us?

Monthly live trainings on business and lifestyle topics

Access to our exclusive Discord to connect you with other SSI members over video or text 

1:1 time with Chelsea and Erin during office hours to get your Q’s answered quickly

Invitation to our private Facebook Group for past and current SSI members to network and collab

Mindset Monday chats to start your week off strong and keep you motivated

Long-term planning and accountability system to help you set intentions and reach your goals

Professional resources, guides, and templates made available to you

Co-working sessions to get shit done and listen to some lofi beats with other members

Your membership includes:

WTF is Discord and why don’t we host in a Facebook Group?

Discord is community-based and allows members to connect with EACH OTHER over text, audio, and video. It’s the perfect mix of Slack and Zoom. 

Plus, you won’t have clients direct messaging you on Discord because it’s not FOR clients. It’s for community. THATS WHY WE USE DISCORD!

 It’s your space to disconnect from the culture of being “always on” and get clear on why you do what you do (with a little help from your friends). 

"Whether it be answering a simple question or having my website copy reviewed, Erin and Chelsea have been nothing but encouraging and supporting... like two freelance fairy godmothers here to cheer you on! My business has come along in leaps and bounds in the space of two months and I truly believe it's because of the SSI."
-dani Doppler-Page

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You want to dip your toe in and see what the SSI is all about. Get full access to the Discord, trainings, and community… just without the discount.

You’re ready to take flight and know you want support and community. Worry less about renewing your membership and spend more time reaching your goals.

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 You know you want to join us...


is for next-level you

Create a lifestyle you love, work on projects you’re passionate about, and build a life and business you don’t have to escape from with the help of two hosts who love your business as much as you do!