The online community for ladies ready to break the damn norm while creating the career (and lifestyle) of their dreams.

Are you looking for a community, safe space, hype crew, and resource centre filled with like minded ladies there for you to chat everything from business to periods, clients to kids, good days to bad (and everything in between?) 

Do you work online? 

(If you said yes, keep reading.)

Left the 9-5 to pursue a career doing what you truly love

Crave location freedom (hello #vanlife) or time freedom (heya #mumlife)

Prioritise lifestyle goals as much as business goals

Want to tear down norms and trail blaze your own path

We see you. You're out here creating and living your freedom lifestyle.
Like the other trailblazers in the SSI, you: 

Your family doesn’t understand your career choice.

But here's the issue ....

.... sound familiar?

Your friends IRL don’t struggle with the same things you do.

OR you're basically Chandler Bing & no one takes the time to understand what you do. 

You KNOW there are other humans out there, like you, who do things differently and live life on their own terms...

You just cant find them. 

You’re not alonE!

Hitting close to home?

"SSI has been an invaluable part of not just my business, but my life this past year. I’ve seen record sales months, better understood my target demographic, and had a place to share my wins as well as feel INSPIRED by those around me! Come for the business but stay for the friendship."
-Michelle Leech | Email Marketing Specialist

The confusion, loneliness, and isolation you feel isn’t because what you’re doing is impossible.

It’s because you aren’t surrounded with like-minded humans who get WTF you’re doing.

You need a safe, warm, encouraging, fun, and supportive space to grow. 

You wake up each day filled with gratitude that you decide your future

You know you have a safe space to tackle mindset hurdles or brainstorm client problems

You meet friends from across the world that help you celebrate your personal & professional wins

You have the tools and support to run your business smoothly

You better understand your target demographic and how to attract them

Let’s imagine this together…

This is possible for you.

"Throughout my 6 months of membership, I’ve transformed my social media (thanks to SSI’s accountability system), revamped my pitch deck, tackled many mindset hurdles, launched a 3-day course, made more friends than I can count, and officially made the transition to working for myself full-time."
-Kristy black | Kristy black creative


AKA Traveller By Trade

Tea & travel & tiny house obsessed minimalist helping business owners create their freedom lifestyle through money making website design and kick ass organic digital strategy

Nature-lover, Capricorn, and master copywriter who ditched the 9-5 to create a life of freedom and is committed to helping freelancers like you across the world do the same.


2 hosts // 2 countries
(double the fun)

How do we know how to build an online community,
cultivate friendships & offer support from anywhere in the world?

Because  we're a #vanlifer in Australia (Chelsea) & an #RVlifer in the US (Erin) who turned an IG friendship into an unstoppable business partnership.

Not only do we keep all the time zones covered being on opposite sides of the globe;

We're also both digital nomads with a deep understand how isolating it is to run an online business.

It becomes an echo chamber of self-doubt and imposter syndrome when you don’t have people to connect with or relate to.

& then (as we all know) a global panini happened ...

 2020 took coffee shops and coworking spaces out of the equation, which made running an online business even MORE isolating. 


Join a free Facebook Group with thousands of unengaged members 


Spend thousands of dollars each month to be part of a tight-knit mastermind community. 

UNTIL WE CREATED A NEW OPTION: The Social Support Incubator

Our community encourages freelancers and digital nomads like you to

Chase your dreams

Show up as you are

... whether that leads you to the top of a mountain in a fancy mansion or the middle of the woods in your converted van.

Rediscover yourself

Ignite your passions

Go after your scary goals

Create a life you’re proud of

Come for the business, stay for the friendships!

Ready to join us?

Access to Discord to connect with other SSI members over video or text

Invitation to our private Facebook Group for past and current SSI members to network and collab

Access to our community mixer at the beginning of the month to connect with other members

Mindset Monday chats to start your week off strong

Monthly live trainings (with replays) on all things business & freedom lifestyle

Long-term planning and accountability system to help you set intentions and reach your goals

Professional resources, guides, templates, and assignments to complement the trainings

Co-working sessions to get shit done and listen to some lofi beats with other members

Access to the SSI Business Directory (we LOVE to hire other members)

Collaborative Q&As to brainstorm about business in a fun, casual setting

Your membership includes:

WTF is Discord and why don’t we host in a Facebook Group?

Discord is community-based and allows members to connect with EACH OTHER over text, audio, and video. It’s the perfect mix of Slack and Zoom. 

Plus, you won’t have clients direct messaging you on Discord because it’s not FOR clients. It’s for community. That’s why we chose Discord.

It’s your space to disconnect from the culture of being “always on” and get clear on why you do what you do (with a little help from your friends). 

-Claire Bussell | Photoshop expert & 3D renderer

"As a designer working freelance gigs, the SSI community has given me so many ideas and tools I use in my business to keep it running smoothly. The trials and accomplishments of the other members and speakers is one of the best parts. I never miss a guest training cuz its always a super personal casual converstaion with an accomplished online business owner. Plus, Erin and Chelsea remind us to strive for a positive and healthy mindset over everything."

"Whether it be answering a simple question or having my website copy reviewed, Erin and Chelsea have been nothing but encouraging and supporting... like two freelance fairy godmothers here to cheer you on! My business has come along in leaps and bounds in the space of two months and I truly believe it's because of the SSI."
-dani Doppler-Page

Refer a fellow trailblazer to get $25 off your membership!

Membership options

Community Members

$55 USD

You want community, but don’t need access to our live trainings or replays. You’re here for the connections and we’d love to have you.

1 month membership


$157 USD

You get full access to the Discord, trainings, and community… just without the discount.

1 month membership


$420 USD

You’re ready to go all-in and know you want support and community for at least a few months.

3 month membership

Save over $50!

The Social Support Incubator

a community for trailblazers just like you.


Q: Does joining the waitlist mean I *have* to join the community?

Q: Does joining the waitlist mean I *have* to join the community?

No! Joining the waitlist is not a commitment to join the community. You’ll get emails and first access to join the community at the beginning of each month, but no pressure if you’re not ready.

Q: Is this a business mastermind or group coaching program?

Q: Is this a business mastermind or group coaching program?

No. The SSI is a low-cost, high-touch membership community, which is BETTER than a mastermind or coaching program. You get valuable support, education, and community without the $$$$ price tag.

Q: How does payment work?

Q: How does payment work?

Share as much as you feel comfortable with sharing! As the incredible Brene Brown puts it, ‘staying vulnerable is a risk we have to take if we want to experience connection.’ You may decide that you would like to chat further with a close, trusted friend or seek out extra support from a professional psychologist, counselor, coach or therapist you feel drawn to, which has the power not only to greatly benefit you but your family and those around you as well. 

Q: I don’t need access to the trainings, I just want to connect and network with other humans. Is there a membership option for that?

Q: I don’t need access to the trainings, I just want to connect and network with other humans. Is there a membership option for that?

Yes, the Community Member option ($55/month) is perfect for you! You get access to other members in our Discord, the chatroom, private Facebook Group for current and past members, the SSI Business Directory, community mixers, coworking sessions, and Q&A’s. 

Q: Is this a US-based community? Can I join if I live outside the US?

Q: Is this a US-based community? Can I join if I live outside the US?

Absolutely! Erin lives in the US, Chelsea is based in Australia, and we have members all across the world.

Q: When day and time are the community events each month?

Q: When day and time are the community events each month?

Our events are every Thursday at 7 PM EST. The trainings are recorded and Casual Acquaintance and Bonafide Besties are given access to the replays if you can’t make it.

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